Adaptive Re-Use

What happens when the old school, hospital or manufacturing plant, that seemed to define a community for so many years, outlives its useful life? Rather than let it teeter on the brink of decay, why not find ways to put new life into that venerable old building? With its expertise in adaptive re-use, Rehab Builders can help you do just that, turn a vacant hospital into apartments for the senior or an old tobacco warehouse into high-end apartments. Let our experience help you avoid sticker shock. We’ve been doing this for so long that we can design our way out of problems that come up in dealing with older buildings and we can minimize or eliminate your cost overruns.

Downtown Renewal

Downtowns give a sense of “place” to the residents of a city or a town. It is no wonder so many local officials are trying to revive them after years of deterioration and neglect. Enticing people back to the center city to live is essential to downtown renewal. And when it comes to transforming buildings of the past into living space for the future, Rehab Builders has both the experience and the craftsmanship to once again make downtowns desirable places to dwell. Rehab Builders also has the expertise to create the retail and office space that go hand-in-hand with downtown renewal. We have the ability to re-create storefronts from old photographs, which is often a requirement for historic tax credits.


When it comes to historically or architecturally interesting old schools, hospitals, manufacturing plants and hotels, the old saying rings true: They don’t make ’em like they used to.

That’s why you need Rehab Builders, Inc. Specialists in historic renovation, we can help you spruce up that old eyesore and give it new life for years to come. And we have the smarts to do the job right.

It’s often the case with renovation projects that a key historic element – a tin ceiling, for example – doesn’t show up on the architect’s survey of existing conditions. We know how important such details can be, and we can recommend adjustments on the spot to preserve what needs to be saved.

New Construction

New Construction is all about organization, planning, scheduling, and experience. Rehab Builders, Inc. works to build your project quickly and safely while staying on budget and creating a quality product. Rehab Builders, Inc. will use our knowledge and expertise to help you with product selection and to provide value-added solutions. Trustworthiness, honesty, and dependability are key in our relationships with our owners. We value hard work and will do our best to exceed owners’ expectations.