Jefferson Brookville Apartments

Downtown Renewal

Jefferson Brookville Apartments

Newport News, VA 2015

This project consisted of the rehabilitation of the former Mesic Hardware store, the old George Washington School, along with two new buildings in downtown Newport News, VA.

The Mesic Hardware building was transformed into five apartments that connect to a newly constructed building. Another detached apartment building was also built on the same side of Jefferson. The new buildings now house 37 units.

The old George Washington School, a two-story brick school, built in 1899, once housed students in grades 4-6. Now, the building’s classrooms are converted into eight one-bedroom apartments.

The school, along with Mesic Hardware and the two new buildings, are called Jefferson Brookville Apartments. Residents can access the shared amenities in the Mesic building’s first-floor community room, including an indoor playground.

Both Mesic Hardware and the school building retains their unique characters through the original ceilings, stairways and front doors.

Jefferson Brookville Apartments were awarded Earthcraft VA’s 2015 Multifamily Renovation Project of the Year.

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